DAS WERK 1:32 JU EF-126 „ELLI“ / EF-127 „WALLI“ (3 IN 1) (DW 32001)

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The Junkers Ef-126 / Ef-127 was an experimental fighter that was proposed as a re­sponse to the „Jägernotprogramm“ or „Emergency Fighter Program“ request for proposal issued by the Luftwaffe High Command.
The type featured 2 MG 151 mm canons on each side of the cockpit (similar to the He162 Salamander). While the initial design was supposed to use a single Argus As 014 pulse-jet engine, it was quickly found to be underpowered in that config­uration. Various alternative propulsion options were explored, including a dual Argus As 014 configuration, a Walther 509C rocket motor, like that carried by the Me263 experimental fight­er, and a single Jumo 226 pulse-jet.
Product Details

Highly detailed static plastic model (1 of 3 versions)
Detailed Cockpit
Factory fuselage cradle
Optional landing skid position
7 different marking options
Bonus: Takeoff / Ground-handling trolley

Three possible versions can be built.
EF-127 Walther 509C1 Motor
EF-126 Single Argus
EF-126 Double Argus

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