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The British Chieftain Mk.5/5P Main Battle Tank is finally available in injection plastic for the first time in 1:35 scale and can be built either as a Chieftain Mk.5 or a Chieftain Mk.5/P (2-in-1)!  This highly detailed static model kit contains 491 precision injection styrene parts in grey (194 of which comprise the tracks & 194 make up the seperate 'rubber' track pads), 22 in clear, 43 Photo-etched brass parts, 1 flexible brown vinyl piece for the main gun mantlet dust cover, 2 poly caps, and water-slide decals. Markings are available for no less than 7 individual vehicles including 1 BATUS 1991,  another British example serving in D Squadron, 4/7 Dragoon Guards Berlin 1983, a Kuwaiti Army version from the 1991 Iraqi invasion, and 3 Iranian Army versions (2 from the Iran-Iraq war 1980-88 and a parade vehicle from 2001). Attractive Chieftain Mk.5/P  painting and markings guide from AMMO of Mig Jimenez includes all 5 views. Features include a main gun that can be elevated or depressed, optional opened/closed gun sight & infrared light, extra stowage box for Iranian and Kuwaiti variants, and all hatches (except optional position driver's hatch) & the gun travel lock are workable. This model kit requires assembly, and cement & paint are not included. 

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