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The heads of the Russian Navy nuclear-powered missile cruiser, is also the largest tonnage firepower strongest missile cruiser in the world today, it was constructed 4, 092 first ship "Admiral Ushakov" No. (formerly known as "Kirov" number) 1980 service, the first two 150 "Raza Aliyev Admiral" sign (formerly known as "Frunze" No.) 1983 service, the first three 065 "Admiral Nakhimov" sign (formerly "Kalinin "No.) 1989 service, the first four 183" Peter the Great "(formerly" Andropov "sign) in October 1995 service. At present, the first and two ships have been decommissioned, 3, 4 ships in service in the Russian navy's Northern Fleet. The class captain 252 meters, 28.5 meters wide, 9.1 meters draft, the standard displacement of 19,000 tons full load displacement of 24,300 tons, two nuclear reactors, two of two oil-fired boiler, with a total power of 120,000 horsepower, 32 speed, endurance 14,000 sea miles / 30 Section. Weaponry: 20 SS-N-19 "granite" anti-ship missile launchers, 20 missiles; 12 SA-N-6 "thunder" ship to air missile vertical launchers, 96 missiles; two eight-mounted SA-N-9 air missile vertical launchers, 128 missiles; two pairs-mounted SA-N-4 "gecko" ship-to-air missile launchers, 40 missiles; 6 CAD3-N-1 "Cash Tan "missile defense system near Gun (first and two ships to eight 30 mm gun), every seat system eight SA-N-11 ship-air missiles and a 30 mm double-barreled gun; 1 Block 130 mm double-barreled guns (first ship of 2 100 mm single-tube gun); one pair-mounted SS-N-14 anti-submarine missile launchers (three ship after none), 14 missiles; 2 5 -mounted 533 mm torpedo tubes; a 10 RBU12000 anti-submarine rocket launchers (the first and two anti-submarine ships of 12 RBU6000 rocket launchers), two 6 RBU1000 anti-submarine rocket launchers. Equipped with a card -25B calibration card -27A helicopters and two anti-submarine helicopters.

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